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100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2011

100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom on this list ... certainly there is also the gift you're looking for!
Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2011

The perfect Christmas gifts for the mother are not in perfumery, or in pastry, but you are on the Internet, Photo Gifts. Photo Gifts is a modern and simple online shop that offers gifts made ​​with advanced photographic techniques not found easily in the normal photo shops. What will really inimitable and special Christmas gifts for your mother Gifts made ​​by Photo is the ability to customize your gifts to create a tailor-made for your tastes and personality of the mother (and maybe, while you're at even your dad, your friends and colleagues).
- Category Clothing and accessories -

Women always appreciate the elegant clothes and chosen with taste, those trendy but also "the great classics."
With the right care in choosing a garment can be a great gift idea. The breadth of offerings, then, lends itself to suit everyone:
1. "Total White", raise some fashion catwalks of one color and dress only in white women. Beautiful stretch wool sheath dress
2. Hello Kitty Diaper Bag - Short. It 'perfect for moms who want to feel pretty and witty even when they bring around their kids. It has everything you need: from the cooling compartment for baby bottles to changing pad is convenient and Encampment
3. Bracelets Bag. A bag that expresses adherence to animal welfare and the world. Purchasing it becomes a woman happy and the WWF. The beneficial aspect of this gift will ensure that those who find this bag under the tree to give the gift of a deeper sense!
4. Luisa Spagnoli gold-colored satin shirt, perfect for parties
5. ... Hat there are for every taste and every budget.
6. Belt. The world is vast belts. Oviesse model offers a very practical and unusual: it is an elastic belt with metal applications that give a glossy effect, adapts to any physical, is comfortable and practical to wear.
7. Faux fur, suitable for all women and environment.
8. Guess offers a trendy faux fur, very particular, women's gritty but classy: Guess Jeans Vest spotted faux fur. Sleeveless, has a double zip front and a large neck.
9. Scarves, big or small or large in serration, type shawl, plain or fancy ... there are hundreds and hundreds and accessories are irreplaceable.
10. Gloves. "Maliparmi" glove features a pink antique flavor, suitable for refined and attentive to a woman of fashion colors
11. Cape, is a classic and can not miss in the female wardrobe.
12. Clock. Swatch presents an indestructible rubber and plastic, so child-proof, but fashionable.
13. Shoes. Pink is the color of women par excellence, but it is also one of the trendiest colors of the moment. Geox Respira-line offers, also in pink, a beautiful decollete.
14. There are so many shoes, but this is unique: the dancer to carry bag. It's called "AFTER PARTY PUMP" is a convenient and lightweight folding handbag dancer. It is worn at the end of the evening "when the high heels we can not anymore, but still want to feel good again and enjoy the feast."
It has already become a real must!

- Health and beauty category -

Each gift in this category is suitable for women who love to take care of themselves, pamper yourself and relax, feel good and fit:
15. Subscription to the gym or pool
16. Subscription to a Yoga course
17. Boots anti-wrinkle serum. Combats signs of aging, in fact belongs to a dedicated line to the fine lines. The same treatment is available in version day cream or night.
18. Good be spent at the hairdresser.
19. Good expendable to the beautician. Beauty salons and hairdressers often use this form of "gift", you purchase a voucher to the value you want and the lucky lady who receives it decides what kind of treatment simply enjoy!
20. Among the good expendable in beauty salons are very welcome for those massages, a voucher for a massage is an expendable gift truly dedicated to relaxation.
21. Collistar cream breasts push up volume effect. Responds to the need to treat their cleavage of many women, especially after breastfeeding.
22. Pedometers, perfect for women who use the "walk" as an expression of sport!
23. Massage cushion in the market there are different models, from the smallest neck massage for only up to larger ones to include back seat, they have a full body massage from the neck to the tailbone and also cost more than $ 100.00
24. Electric hair remover, many models on the market are even anti-pain because they use the numbing effect of cold.
25. Foot Massager. A cuddle for the feet, these devices combine the sponge in water foot massage, they are relaxing and have salutary effects.
26. Philips Lumea, the permanent hair removal comes in the house of all women with this new hair removal pulsed light.
27. Head Massager. The endeavor also many hairdressers an object is small, inexpensive but very relaxing! Using it on the head has a relaxing gentle massage effect, it also facilitates blood circulation and muscle relaxation
28. Mini Massager Vibration colored (from 10.00 HoMedics line). It is beautiful even give yourself a massage in front of the PC while you are at work!
29. Mini gym apartment
30. ARGAN OIL Erbolario. It 'a full line of oil-based Moroccan Argan tree tract. The greatest feature of Argan oil is its antioxidant power, which makes products based on argan oil from the excellent anti-aging nutrient value. In the line there are products for face, body and hair.
31. Straightener.
32. Blow dryer with active ions.
33. For hair care is a great gift also curls the hair.
34. Perfume
35. Custom Perfume is a boast that now every man can give to his wife. Even the network you can find companies that specialize in creating custom built fragrance for women.
36. Nail
37. Shoes that make losing weight
38. Living Wellness.
39. Aesthetic treatment for the treatment of hands - more than paraffin manicures.
40. Trousse Deborah Icons. The magic of makeup combines the sweetness of the forms. Women who love worship Trousse Deborah Icons. Similarly, the passionate make-up can not resist the charms of the sprightly and solar:
41. Trousse Matryoshka Pupa
42. VOLUME HAND FILLER Pupa. It is a simple hand cream, fat-filler has an effect that allows the hands to appear more plump and full, as remodeled. Moreover exerts anti-wrinkle and anti-aging .
43. Elicina
44. Electric Manicure kit

- Category love and luck -

In this category the gifts of the heart:
45. ... A photo album where the photos albun redraw the history of your family. Nothing more romantic memories! If you want you can also use:
46. Photo album.
In the same vein we have:
47. The calendar with family photos.
48. The digital picture frame loaded with the most beautiful images.
49. The DVD with the music and images of your lives together.
50. But if you really want to give a touch of romance to the memory expressed through the image then there is the portrait. For a good picture it takes a great artist ... Mom's Life recommends the Artist's Mother
Do not think it is too late to give one to your partner, you could still give her a picture for this Christmas: make arrangements with the portrait and write a romantic note where the declared intention to donate an exclusive and romantic memories, leaving you to your choice ... some photos of the portrait will arrive some time after Christmas, but your partner one can enjoy the pleasure of the gift from the selection of photos.
51. Subscription for 2 cinema or theater.
52. Braided gold ring bands, there are several models and colors may vary in the plots of gold. It's very romantic to choose a plot for each family member: one for the other partner and two or three depending on the number of children.
53. Silver ring by Pasquale Bruni to end with the word love written in different languages
54. Ring - "I love you more each day" bliss. A ring is a gift which is always special and it bears engraved "the statement" love is even more!
55. Bliss knitted elastic ring
56. A knitted stretch bliss, ring the same line, there is also the cuff bracelet
57. Steel and Resin Ring swatch bijoux
58. Bonsai. This small tree symbolizes care, give it away is like saying "We grow together and we take care of our Love"
59. Cuff links in the hippocampus in several wires, wearing a colored cord that runs several times around the wrist and a purple agate pendant.
60. Bracelet engraved with the names of the children.
61. Breakfast at home. The service is offered by many bars and bakeries, has moderate cost and is a sweet way to start the day. If you can enjoy it together in the warmth of the bed is a great surprise. It is a beautiful gift for expectant mothers, provided they do not suffer from morning sickness.
62. Course tango attend together.
63. Cushion with your photo of the children or the couple in a romantic moment.
64. A bottle of sparkling wine, two glasses and a rose on the bed ... a gift to be opened when everyone is gone or sleeping .. We women often want just an hour of gentle attention.
65. Family elephants thun. Elephants are a symbol of luck is a wonderful add to any family member, in this sense is a great gift for expectant mothers.
66. Hooded family photos printed.
67. Entrance to the Spa for 2, for a day dl relaxation.
68. Scratch and win ... in the hope of giving a ticket millionaire!
69. Book, strictly written by you, with the story of your love story. The book can also be short of love ... a few pages full of emotion can be worth as a diamond. To make it unique to you could make a binding with the cover printed with your photo or a photo of the whole family.
70. Luck Lucien, a very nice pendant Swarovski to use as a keychain or apply for a grant. It is an accessory swarovscki
71. Box of memories - just a pretty box and inside the many Christmas cards as the number of hours you will spend your romantic memories together ... to relive emotions.
72. Stars on the ceiling of the bedroom ... for romantic nights under starry skies!
73. Banner with words of love. If you want to shout your love nothing better than a banner in the home, office or anywhere close to meeting the woman of your attention.
74. Custom cups for breakfast.
75. ... Tattoo for lovers of tatu a "couple tattoo", that is the same for man and woman is a gift ever and romantic!
76. Trip for two.
77. Journey's Eve, bring on the snow the whole family is a wonderful gift for the mother and children.

- Technology Category -

leftThis category is suitable for women who like to keep up with advances in technology, the PC and love are always in network:
78. Subscription Sky \ premium.
79. Electronic agenda.
80. Usb stick. If you want to choose the original A-Data Mickey Mouse stick model in which you can also insert photos
81. Headphones for music lovers ... nothing more suitable to the new generation of headphones
82. Nintendo Wii.
83. and if you buy the Wii - as well as fitness games - you can not revive the myth of Mickey Mouse: Mickey epic nintendo wii.
84. Hello Kitty Digital Camera.
85. Hello Kitty Radio.
86. Custom mouse pad ... As or FOTPs
87. Notebook
88. Digital clock radio with projector
89. Robot vacuum cleaners
90 Calvin Klein sunglasses, lenses not only to protect us from sunlight, rods in a real 4 Gb USB memory. Suitable for women who never give up high-tech, the PC
91. Portable TV, suitable for those mothers who have lost the remote control because the kids watch cartoons and husbands sport.

- Category Sexy -

In this category are suitable gifts for women and mothers looking for tenderness, who want to feel beautiful and attractive, and love you want:
92. Baby Doll.
93. Underwear.
94. Corset.
95. Kimono.

- Kitchen Category -

96. Cooking class.
97. September Foppapedretti cocktails, everything needed to prepare the cocktail
98. Planetary

Basically it is a mixer, but some offer the ability to add other pieces, like the meat grinder to make ground or homemade sausages, the sheeter and dies for pasta or blender.
99. kit crepe Dolič: creppiera and giant jar Nutella

- Category pregnant -

100. Bellymask : And 'the cast of an extraordinary memory of the pregnant belly

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