Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2011

Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2011
Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2011 - Save up to 70% off Gift ideas for Boyfriend.
Here is a complete list of all the gift ideas you can do to your boyfriend or men for any occasion, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, graduation. In short, will make your life much easier ... Give him a nice surprise!

-L 'of a magnifying your beautiful photos in a beautiful setting to hold office; Gift Idea guy for every occasion: the list of ideas

-If the frame is a modern type LCD with internal memory, which allows you to insert pictures that flow;

-A nice soft plush with a little heart can to please! For example, if the six of you, Leo, a lion of regalagli plush as your "alter ego" to be embraced when he misses;

Ipod-MP3-where you have uploaded all the songs that accompanied your story;

Book-of his favorite author, or that you think might please him with a beautiful dedication made with the heart on the front page;

Calendar-2011 with all your photos, guy gifts for every occasion: the list of ideas born navigator

-Navigator for the machine;

-Cuscino/tazza/portachiavi/puzzle/calendario 2011 with your photo

-Tickets for a concert that he would like to see;

-The portatilino, PC 10 ", and put your desktop background pictures together;

-Album/quaderno/raccoglitore With all your photos, sweet phrases, SMS and have kept, msn conversations, emails, words of songs, drawings and stuff like this;

-Day at the spa;

-A holiday for New Year;

- A nice experience to do, perhaps through Groupon that has the price up to 70%!

A perfume-like;

-You could do something like making a billboard scene and attach it in "your place" and then take it with your eyes closed!

-A t-shirt with your photos;

A dinner-theater troupe that staged a crime between the end of the night to bring ... ... guess who the murderess! (Dinner with a crime)

-A great experience to do through smartbox;

-A clock;

-If you can afford a PS3 or XBOX, but completely lose your boyfriend;

-A portfolio;

-If it's sports watch with a band that detects heart rate and many other information;

-A collection of cd box set of his favorite singer;

-A sports bag (if it's sports);

-Is a golosone? Why not give him those kits in the box to make crepes with Nutella or funds;

-braccialetti/collanine with your initial engraved, so you will always have with you, boy gifts for every occasion: the Christmas list of ideas iphone

-Iphone/cellulare, You'll see that it will be much appreciated, too bad for excessive prices!

And clothing in general: shoes / shirt / shirt / pants / shirt / hat / belt;

-Devices for the computer: pen-drive/mouse friendly / external hard drive / lcd monitor / speakers;

-Anything related to his hobbies, simple and effective!

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